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Dropped Stitch Woes

So after binding off the coffee cozy last night, I was showing it to my husband and noticed a dropped stitch that had dropped down about five rows from the bound off edge! It looks like it got lost in all that eyelash yarn and I didn't notice it when binding it off.

Being fairly practical, I decided I'd turn the dropped stitch into a handle for the coffee cozy. I got out my crochet hook and reworked the stitch back off to the portion where the novelty yarn starts. Then, I placed the stitch on one of my double point needles and picked up three other stitches around it. I am going to make an I-cord "handle" and bind off the cord binding off with picked up sticthes from the other side of the coffee cozy.

I have about an inch done and it seems to be going okay. One disaster averted.....

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