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A new project

The coffee cozy came out very well. I am pleased to say that despite varying cup sizes, it manages to fit them all.

I taught a friend to knit socks. She has never knit before, but her socks are gorgeous! The trick is to be undaunted, fearless, and patient. I am so proud of her! I keep bragging about her socks to everyone. We went to the yarn store on Saturday and she got more sock yarn for another pair of socks. I bought laceweight wool (Skacel Merino Lace) in color 200 (black) and the pattern for the FiberTrends Peace Shawl by Evelyn Clark .

I have been knitting my husband the Muted Musician's gansey from Beth Brown-Reinsel in Patons Decor color 999 which is similar to the claret color 1657. We have been together 7 years and in that time I have attempted to knit him 4 different sweaters. This is the only one that has even neared completion. I love knitting in the round and the gansey pattern is knit in the round unlike all the other sweater patterns I have been able to find. I have about 1 2/3 sleeves left to knit. For whatever reason I have been having a terrible time with the sleeves. The body went really fast and I loved knitting it, but I have ripped out the sleeve and redone the gusset twice already. Just today I discovered my decreases were uneven again. I "fixed" it by decreasing extra on one side and I don't think it will be noticable. But I worry that the second sleeve will look different because I have had so much difficulty with this first one and I won't replicate my mistakes the same way when I do the second one. Oh well, I forge onward anyway. It will be done before Christmas this year as I already missed our anniversary (September 8).

When I'm done with his sweater, I get to knit something for me - the Peace shawl!

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