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A new design

I just returned from vacation where I knitted three more coffee cozies. My mother saw the one I made for myself (see tha pattern below) and asked me to make some for her and her friend. I will have to post pictures of the ones still in my possession so you can see what they look like. Hopefully someone will feel inspired to make their own! I made one in blue with Patons Cha Cha border of blue and pastels and white beads. I made one in green with the same border as on my original one (in Patons Cha Cha) and I made one in self-striping yarn (pinks and reds) with a border of Lion Brand Fun Fur in hot pink. I have really enjoyed these projects as they are super fast (a few hours) and can be done in various ways.

I am now at work on a new design for a cell phone holder. I have a small Verizon phone so I am basing the shaping on my own phone. It is knit in the round with garter stitch mosaic patterning in three colors. I'll post the pattern once I finish working it out.

I do intend to post pictures of new stuff soon, but for now you'll have to make do with the photo below of my husband's feet (wearing some knitted socks) :)

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