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Here's the cell phone holder I made. See my 10/03/04 post. I never wrote the pattern down, but this is roughly what I did. I knit a small garter stitch rectangle in the main color. I knit it so that it would fit the bottom of my phone. When it fit, I stopped. I then picked up stitches around the rectangle and joined them so that I could knit circularly. I switched to mosaic garter stitch in three colors and kept going until the bag was big enough to cover my phone. I then bound off three of the top "edges" of my bag and knit a back flap. I did the shaping by decreasing until I liked the way it looked. I applied a garter stitch edging to the front flap and made a strap out of I-cord. I put my phone in and figured out where the antenna needed to come out. I pried apart my knitting here (meaning that I jammed the antenna between the stitches), marked the spot and stitched around the impromptu hole to strengthen the edges. I did the same thing for the buttonhole on the front, but my button fell off and I haven't replaced it.  Posted by Picasa

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