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Well, I am working on the Mermaid Socks from Lucy Neatby's "Cool Socks, Warm Feet." I had this brilliant idea that I would stop doing the spiraling on the bottom half of the feet (ie the sole) so that it would be smooth and longer wearing. Since the stitch count remains the same each row, I just stopped doing the pattern on one half of the sock.

So I am knitting along for about an inch and a half and then I notice that my sock is skewed. It literally is developing like a 45 degree angle. Now I know why the spiral pattern continues all the way around the sock. Doh! I tried frogging which was a big mess. I couldn't figure out how to frog this particular I unknit the inch and half back down to the heel. Since I'm in grad school and only work on the socks on the bus, this was a weeks worth of work. Bah. I am done and can resume knitting with the pattern running all the way around the foot.

In other news, my cardigan is coming along and I have about 7 inches done! The leaf pattern is showing up nicely now and I had to join in a second ball of Woolease. When I buy more batteries I can post another picture.

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