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Lotsa knitting, but no posting

Well, I finished the mermaid socks. By finished I mean off the needles, but I have to darn in the yarn ends. I am nearly done with one pink and white Laura Jane Bear for my baby niece. I have to wash the pieces, sew it together and then stuff the body. I was thinking of knitting the teddy and Chloe (the niece) a matching sweater or baby poncho. As someone said at school "What happened? I thought you were a practical girl!" I guess the baby knitting bug finally caught up with me. Their clothes are tiny, cute and fast. Normally I am immune from thinking infants are cute and hence avoid knitting for them. But, I finally think a baby can be cute now. Well, also I didn't know any infants previously. Anyway, I wanted to make a teddy bear and I know Chloe won't know what it is or care and will probably drool on it and rip it's ear off, but at least I will have had fun.

I also started the argyle socks I am supposed to finish by Christmas, but I foolishly thought they would be okay to do in worsted weight. Worsted weight in argyle is for sweaters and not socks, so now I have a legitimate excuse to by some nice sock weight yarn and perhaps a pattern specifically for men rather than trying to wing it from a hodgepodge of women's patterns and pattern generators. I don't have a good candidate in mind, although there was a website devoted entirely to 1940's era men's sock designs that I really really wish I could find right now. Not only did it have argyle and variants of argyle but it had tiki intarsia and other fun themes.

I also finished another project! I made my mom a scarf from this book: Modular Knits by Iris Schreier. I really like this book as I am all about the unusual knitting techniques. Modular or domino knitting is a fun and interesting technique, but what Iris has done is to reverse the structure of modular knitting so that the pieces are built outwards, thus enabling you to knit a continual garment without constant casting off and on. The scarf is for Christmas and started as a car project to entertain me on a three hour drive. Since my mom lives in a snowy climate, it will actually be useful for her.

Once again, I have no pictures. You will just have to imagine amongst yourselves.