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FOs! New FOs!!!

I can finally post pics of the mermaid socks, the modular scarf, and the Laura Jane Bear! I am actually over half-way done with Evelyn Clark's Peace Shawl in black Merino laceweight, but I do not have pics of that yet.

Here are the mermaid socks:

These were done in Schoeller Stahl Disco in the colorway "Veracruz." The pattern is from Lucy Neatby's Cool Socks, Warm Feet.

Here is the modular knit scarf from Modular Knits:

This was all acrylic of various sorts from the nearest Joanns. I think it's a mix of Caron and Red Heart. The pattern is from Iris Schrier's Modular Knits.

And here is the Laura Jane Bear. Here she is upright:

...and here she is resting on my husband's guitar. This is the round-tummy shot:

She was made in Bernat Cottontots ("Pretty in Pink") and some plain white cotton from my stash. The nose is knitted with embroidery floss and sewn on. I can now report that the baby liked her bear and kissed and hugged it when she saw it. She did like the ears and kept grabbing and chewing on them. So far the bear has held up - which is surprising since I am a lousy sewer. This pattern is from MagKnits. The only modification I made was to put the purl side out on the body and the stockinette side out on the tummy and paw patches and inner ears. I thought this would hide seam lines better and it seems to have worked out well.

My progress on the raglan cardigan has been nil. I think I should try knitting a cardigan from a pattern before I try making one up as I go along. Then maybe I would have a better idea of the shaping that needs to occur. I still need to order an argyle sock pattern, but I am seriously strapped for funds. The good news is that I remembered the sock pattern website I was looking for: Grace Ennis.

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